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RTS PS-20 Power Supply

The PS-20 Power Supply from Telex is a versatile power supply that can be used for installed applications. The slim chassis can be mounted in a standard 19″ equipment rack for convenience and versatility. The unit features an XLR program input, 4 XLR RTS primary outputs, and 2 1/4″ outputs on the rear panel, and an XLR RTS monitor output on the front panel. A small speaker on the front panel also provides monitoring functionality.

The power supply can be used for audio linking, intercom channel connections, and more. The front panel offers a level control and a channel selector knob that lets you choose channel 1, channel 2, or both. There are also LED status indicators for channels 1 and 2. The rear panel lets you choose between CC, RTS/2, and RTS/4 modes, and also lets you switch the impedance between 200 and 400 ohms.

Slim Design
XLR and 1/4″ Connectors
Audio Linking and Monitoring
Selectable Operating Modes


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