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Canon UJ122 4K Lens

Canon UJ122x8.2B IESD UHD Digisuper 122x 4K Broadcast Lens canon-uhd-digisuper-122-lens / UJ122X8.2B AF. Canon’s new 4K Premium field lens boast the finest optomechanical design in the world with image stabilised 122x. It offers superior optical technology for HDR broadcast and share connectors and protocols with other Canon HD broadcast lenses, so it’s easy to integrate it into existing environments.

A a new 2/3” UHDxs 25x zoom has also been launched offering high resolution 4K performance right across the screen while new zoom and focus demands with built-in display bring even greater control to your fingertips.
4K Premium optical quality for highly detailed images.

To help reduce focus fluctuation and ensure the delivery of exceptionally detailed 4K images, a floating inner focus system in Canon’s field lenses has been developed to control focus fluctuation and improve resolution right across the screen.