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Canon CJ15 ex 4.3B 4K Lens

The Canon CJ15ex4.3B 15X UHD 4K Portable Wide-Angle Zoom Lens with 2x Extender is a 15x zoom lens designed for mobile UHD 4K ENG-style production. It has a focal length range of 4.3 to 65mm, creating crisp sharp 4K images with excellent tonal reproduction for capturing fine detail. The built-in 2x extender increases the focal length of the zoom range from 8.3 to 130mm, allowing you to get a close shot of your subject while still keeping your distance.

Compact and lightweight, the lens is similar in size to Canon’s HD lenses but captures 4K resolution in the 2/3″ format. It uses Canon’s Air Sphere coating technology, which reduces ghosting and flaring and provides improved HDR imagery. The handgrip servo drive uses 16-bit encoders for extreme precision, and the three lens connectors allow you to interface with virtual systems for using lens data. The lens features servo-controlled zoom, focus, and iris, and the handgrip supports standard ENG functionality.