Riedel Bolero Wireless Intercom
The Bolero high-clarity voice codec provides both higher speech intelligibility and more efficient use of RF spectrum supporting twice the number of beltpacks per antenna for the same radio bandwidth as other DECT-based systems. The Riedel-exclusive ADR technology combines a unique receiver design with multiple diversity elements specifically designed to reduce sensitivity to multipath reflections, making Bolero useable in challenging RF environments where other systems have great difficulty.


  • Bolero Integrated leverages the powerful Artist infrastructure, including SmartPanels and extensive I/O connectivity.
  • Bolero Standalone Link provides plug & play simplicity that is especially suited to smaller installations, portable deployments, or cases when Bolero needs to be interfaced to other systems without the need for an Artist matrix.
  • Bolero Standalone 2110 (AES67) enables users to set up a standards-based (SMPTE 2210/AES67) IP network with no Artist required.
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Glensound Paradiso Comms Kit
Paradiso is a commentators box for 3 commentators. It can be used by itself to provide the commentary facilities alongside an OB truck for small events or multiple Paradisos can be used at large events that require Worldwide broadcast coverage. Audio links between the Paradiso and other equipment are by Dante (AES67 compliant) complete with redundant copper & fibre links. Analogue I/O and AES3 I/O are also provided directly from the unit for local connections and/ or another layer of redundancy. The Paradiso has been designed to be intuitive & easy to use for Commentators’ who would rather be talking about the game than working out how the equipment works, and is also built to our exacting rugged & robust standard to make it a reliable piece of broadcast equipment for the busy engineer. Dante (AES67 compliant) commentary box for 3 users System is scalable with multiple Paradisos as part of a large Dante network Can connect to any Dante compatible device. 5 analogue inputs and outputs 1 AES3 (2 channels) of inputs & outputs Ultra low noise mic/line/48v inputs Our popular Referee compressor/limiter keeps even the loudest commentator sounding natural. 3 Headphone amplifiers each with 8 audio inputs each with their own headphone volume control. Each headphone input has panning between left/ right ear. Each commentator has 4 talkback circuits Multiple power options including PoE, Mains & External DC Network connections on Copper (Cat5) and Fibre (Neutrik Opticons) Primary & Secondary network connections allowing completely transparent network redundancy. Unique ePaper displays for commentators interface. Large bright PPM level meter Remote control via Windows 10 app for setup and live controls (app released in stages throughout 2017) GPIO (General purpose inputs/outputs) interface for interaction with talkback systems or studio red lights. Product Manual
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Glensound Inferno Comms Kit
Inferno can be used on it’s own when connected to a Dante audio network. Many audio routers, consoles and intercom systems are Dante compatible, and will accept the Inferno link, enabling Glensound grade commentary into the audio network. Inferno can also be used outside of a dedicated Dante network when connected to one of the DARKxx or AoIP44 break out boxes. This connection can be direct or across a structured network. The DARKxx or AoIP44 units allows all of the audio inputs and outputs to be located in a separate location to the Inferno. When connected to a Dante network, sources and destinations can be configured from any part of the network using the free Dante controller software. Details are available at www.audinate.com The seven illuminated talkback buttons route the audio input to 7 different destinations and remove the audio from the main programme output. Seven external sources plus sidetone are presented on eight level controls allowing the user to create their own required monitoring mix of all sources. Each input can be independently selected to be on the users left ear, right ear or both ears. The headphone connection is available on a 3.5mm and a 6.35mm jack socket. The single input is switchable on the rear panel to be line/mic/48v and has adjustable input gain. The input also features Glensound’s Referee compressor limiter system. This applies a variable rate compressor to the input peaks so that no clipping occurs, without affecting the rest of the audio signal. The Inferno contains a web server, allowing remote functionality to an engineer from any PC connected to the network via any web browser. Enter the IP address of the Inferno in the browser for remote control of the front end mic gain. It also allows configuration of each push button on the unit to be on/off latching, momentary (push to talk), always on, and off when pushed (cough), or in an intelligent mode where a short press latches or a longer press is just momentary. Single user Dante commentary box System is scalable with multiple commentators as part of a Dante network Can connect to any Dante compatible network or directly to our DARK units. Single mic/line/48v input with Referee compressor/limiter Headphone mixer has 7 inputs supplied from the Dante network, plus the local input (sidetone) Each headphone input has left/both/right headphone switching 7 talkback circuits are programmable via the Dante network Browser based remote control of input gain and switching functions PoE, Mains or DC powering options Product Manual
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Where previous-generation digital matrix products were significantly larger and more costly to own and operate, ODIN’s feature set and form factor are designed to make a professional matrix solution more accessible and easier to use than ever before, opening up the benefits of IP-based communications for wide range of new markets and users of all levels. In keeping with the RTS principles of forward thinking and backwards compatibility, ODIN can seamlessly integrate into the most sophisticated, large-scale intercom operations, extending the value of the initial investment, while also providing a path for system expansion for smaller users who want to upgrade existing RTS systems to the latest technologies. The latest generation of RTS advanced digital audio matrix and keypanel products is based upon the uniquely powerful and flexible OMNEO IP technology for media transmission and system control. OMNEO is an architectural approach to connecting devices that need to exchange information such as audio content or device control. Built upon multiple technologies, including IP and open public standards, OMNEO supports the technologies of today--such as Audinate’s Dante--while adopting the standards of tomorrow. RTS uses OMNEO as our platform to embrace and employ open standards. OMNEO offers a professional-grade media networking solution that provides interoperability, unique features for easier installation, better performance, and greater scalability than any other IP offering on the market. A robust digital matrix in a compact 1RU space Built-in OMNEO technology Redundant power supplies Front panel user interface gives easy access to the most common configuration tasks to allow quick modifications to the system Energy-efficient design, uses less than 50W of power PRODUCT MANUAL
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RTS DKP-4016 OMNEO Panel
KP-Series keypanels deliver superior digital audio using the Bosch-developed OMNEO which includes Audinate‘s Dante audio over IP technology, via either copper or fiber. The KP-Series provides high-quality audio, free of noise, delay and other artifacts present in older technology. The family includes a rich set of connectors as standard, including GPIO and RC. As with other RTS products, emphasis has been placed on backward compatibility with previous generations of matrices including analog technology. KP-Series keypanels utilize the latest generation of wide angle TFT displays, providing superior clarity, resolution and longer display life, along with high-quality readability under a variety of lighting conditions. The RTS OMNEO suit now fully supports Open Control Architecture (OCA) also known as AES70. RTS coers dfferent firmware versions making it possible to load either OMNEO or RVON (RTS Voice over Network) protocol. The power consumption of the KP-Series keypanels is reduced to almost fifty percent compared to previous key-panels, making them the most environmentally friendly keypanels of RTS. Kit comes as standard with: 1 x 12″ RTS Gooseneck Mic 1 x RTS single-sided PH-88 Headset 1 x 12v PSU Audio Software Package Upgrade Control Software Package Upgrade Backward compatible with older technologies such as analog audio in USOC and 568-B connector formats. All previous options hardware connectors (RC, GPI, and Ancillary items) are now standard. New wide-angle high-definition display. Enhanced navigation menus optimized for ease of use. PRODUCT MANUAL
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Sennheiser MKH416
The Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U Microphone is an industry-standard shotgun interference tube microphone that features a supercardioid/lobar polar pattern and an extended frequency response. Delivering excellent directivity, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection, the MKH 416-P48U is perfect for outdoor recording and broadcast applications. Pressure-Gradient Microphone For Film, Radio, Television Highly Immune to Humidity High Consonant Articulation PRODUCT MANUAL
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RTS KP-5032 OMNEO Panel
The KP-5032 keypanel delivers superior high-quality digital audio using the Bosch-branded OMNEO technology with Dante by Audinate audio over IP via either copper or fiber. The KP-5032 delivers top-notch audio, free of noise, delay, and other artifacts present in older technology. This family of keypanels includes a rich set of connectors as standard, including GPIO and RC. As with other RTS products, emphasis has been placed on backward compatibility with previous generations of matrices including analog technology. The KP-5032 keypanel utilizes the latest generation of wide angle TFT displays providing superior clarity, resolution, and longer display life, delivering high-quality readability under a variety of lighting conditions. Kit comes as standard with: 1 x 12" RTS Gooseneck Mic 1 x RTS single-sided PH-88 Headset 1 x 12v PSU Audio Software Package Upgrade Control Software Package Upgrade OMNEO Open Media Networking Standard Full IP Connectivity and TCP-IP Layer 2 & 3 Compatibility Advanced Signal Processing and AD/DA User-Friendly, High-Res Color Display Backward compatibility Enhanced navigation menus PRODUCT MANUAL
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Sennheiser MKH8070
Long shotgun microphone. Ideal for major broadcast and sporting events. Extreme directivity, reliably capturing distant sounds even under the toughest sonic and climatic conditions. Extremely weather-proof. The successor to the Sennheiser 816. Lobar Pickup High Directivity Symmetrical RF Transducer Excellent Transient Response Reliable under Tough Conditions Can Interface with Digital Systems PRODUCT MANUAL
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Sennheiser MKH418-S
The MKH 418 S is an M-S stereo shotgun microphone. Its M-S format, compact dimensions, very good consonant clarity and good spatial representation make it ideally suited for every type of application in film, radio, television and reporting, both indoors and outdoors. Increased directivity due to interference system (M) Very low noise High sensitivity Symmetrically ungrounded output without repeater Convincing spatial representation Universal application due to M-S format PRODUCT MANUAL
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