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Canon UJ27 4K Lens

6.5-180mm 4k UHD Digisuper 27 Broadcast Lens incorporating Fluorite and UD Glass. The Canon UJ27 Box Lens has resolving power beyond 4K for outstanding clarity. The outstanding image quality makes it suitable for both ENG field and studio use. Specifically Canon state that this lens has “high contrast and high resolution is maintained from the image centre to the edges and is consistent in all wavelength regions of the B, G and R channels as well as in the wide frequency bands from HDTV to 4K, and even beyond”.
The 27x optical zoom range covers 6.5-180mm which becomes 13-360mm using the built-in extender, and has brightness of 1.5 (6.5-123mm) and 2.2 (at 180mm).


The inclusion of Fluorite and UD glass and Canon’s lens coating and anti-reflection inner design technologies give excellent control of ghosting and flare making it ideal for HDR applications including outdoor sports