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EVS XT3 Channel Max Production Server

The scalability of EVS XT3 makes an ideal choice for current live productions using slow-motion cameras. EVS was always proud of its SuperMotion capabilities supporting 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10-time SuperMotion. XT3 supports up to 12 HD channels (ChannelMax) with multi-channel ingest capabilities for AV content from any source.


  • Studio ingest
  • Live studio production
  • Live OB/remote production
  • VTR replacement
  • Content control & delay

XT3 production server can be easily integrated with nearly all 3rd-party tools like Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro. This server effortlessly integrates to Media Asset Management systems.

Loop Recording Technology

XT3 ingest solutions and loop recording allows you to get uninterrupted multi-channel recording and access to recorded material anytime. Your live production never stops and nor should your recording engines. Your recording will start as soon as the server is booted, and carries on with recording until the server is shut down.

EVS XT3 can be easily connected with Xfile 3 for live file archive and transfer or XHub 3 to interconnect other XT3’s.


Channel options

  • 6RU option. 6 channels in Base Config (12 channels with ChannelMAX). 3 channels of UHD-4K.
  • 4RU option. 4 channels in Base Config (8 channels with ChannelMAX). 2 channels of UHD-4K


With the ChannelMAX mode of the XT3 server, you get legendary EVS speed and reliability with the new ability to expand your channel capacity through Multicam engine software updates. ChannelMAX allows your XT3 to grow alongside your needs – for the ultimate production ease and flexibility.

EVS servers feature a non-stop recording through a looped process that never ends, so you never miss any action. Native support of all codecs and ChannelMAX support every SuperMotion camera on the market enable enhanced storytelling through two, three, four, six, eight or ten time SuperMotion,

Unlike other systems, the XT3 features expandable storage through a choice of onboard and externally expandable options for up to 350+ hours in HD at 100Mbps.

Multicam LSM
Dual LSM
Super Motion
Split Screen

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