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Fuji HZK Duvo 24-300mm Lens

The Fuji 24-300mm lens offers extensive coverage, with 12.5x zoom across 24-300mm as standard. This can be extended by utilizing a built-in expander, which shifts focal length by 1.5x. The result is an even greater 36-450mm range.

Ideal for shoulder-mounted operation and compatible with stabilizing support systems, Duvo 24-300mm is just 270.5mm long and 2.95kg in weight. Portability and ease of use are assured for teams of all sizes, in varied locations within the live environment. Coupled with the range of coverage, operators can seize opportunities near and far, even from limited physical spaces.

While broadcast cameras have traditionally contained smaller sensors, many creatives are now looking to larger formats to deliver a cinematic aesthetic. Duvo 24-300mm offers native Super 35mm sensor coverage, but sensors equivalent to full-frame can be covered via the built-in expander. This function expands the lens’s image circle by 1.5x, maintaining the same optical quality and angle of view.

The optical quality in question is a result of large-diameter aspherical elements and Super ED (extra-low dispersion) lenses within Duvo 24-300mm. Ghosting, lens flare, and various forms of aberration are effectively controlled.