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Sony HDVF-EL20 (HDVF-EL20//U) 0.7-inch Full HD OLED Viewfinder for HDC/HSC/HDW/F65/PDW/PXW/PMW-500. Successor to the CRT models HDVF-20A and HDVF-200, the HDVF-EL20 uses now-mature OLED technology to deliver the world’s first 0.7″ OLED panel with 1920×1080 x3 (RGB) resolution.

With it comes the OLED advantages of quick pixel response (comparable to CRT) and high brightness. It also has Intelligent Brightness Control using a distance sensor for extended panel life. The optical loupe system has also been re-designed for lower distortion and the option of having a higher eyepoint.

Other significant features include Green and Yellow tally as well as Red, displayed on the edge of the panel, focus magnification indicator, Enhanced Peaking and two assignable buttons.