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Lawo V Pro 8

The V__pro8 is the perfect tool to connect different video formats as well as to connect between audio and video. High-quality format conversion, color correction as well as audio embedding and de-embedding make the V__pro8 a compact and powerful video processor that builds bridges between different worlds and formats.

Two high-density MADI audio ports provide efficient video-to-audio bridging within the studio infrastructure. The V__pro 8 works as a flexible matrix system: using its 8 x 8 video matrix and 384 x 384 audio matrix, it is possible to switch any signal to any other.

A modern GUI based on HTML5 provides an ideal interface for easy handling of day-to-day work. Here’s how it works: eight high-quality 3G SDI de-embedders and a corresponding number of embedders are looped into the eight video signals according to your preferences.

This enables any number of audio signals to be used from the video material, and new audio signals to be embedded into the video signal — a simple, reliable and efficient solution.

The V__pro8 can be configured via an easy-to-understand HTML 5-based touch screen interface that runs directly within the web browser. No software installation is needed. As a result, you benefit not only from state-of-the-art user-guidance, but also from elegant animations and many, practical features such as the video channel preview on your GUI.

In addition, the web-based approach enables the user to access all V__line devices from anywhere within the network — a feature especially useful in bigger set-ups or in outside broadcast productions with long-distance links.

Frame sync for each of the 8 channels
Variable audio and video delays for each channel
RGB Color correction & Proc Amp for each channel
Two Surround-to-stereo downmixers per embedder
Frame Phaser and Line Phaser modes
Embedding and de-embedding incl. SRC for each channel
Up/Down/Cross format & AR conversion for two channels
Internal 8×8 video and 384×384 audio routing matrix

Product Manual