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Plexsis 4/4 Way 4K

Plexsis provides transport of 8 SDI (HD, 3G and SD) signals over a single optical fibre, and up to 16 when linking two systems, the Plexsis is available in two configurations (8 channels on one direction or 4 in both directions), with each of these available in the high or low wavelength band. All SDI ports are fully re-clocked, meaning that jitter caused by long coaxial runs will not affect the maximum optical run length and vice versa.The front panel OLED screen displays optical power, SDI signal presence, temperature and system voltages, and alarms can be set up to trigger an audible tone or relay contact closure, giving peace of mind when it comes to detecting and resolving distance, grounding and interference issues.

4/4 x 3G-SDI over one fibre
Automatic cable equalisation
Multi-rate re-clocking with automatic rate detection
Both AC and DC power inputs provides flexibility and power redundancy
Supports SD, HD and 3G SDI
Wide DC input range 9-36V
Full colour front panel display
Optical expansion port


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