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Telecast SHED HDX

SHED stands for SMPTE Hybrid Elimination Device, and that is what it is. It is a small adapter that allows you to use ordinary single-mode optical fibre for your HD, 4K and slow-motion camera links and in your venue/facility infrastructure, and eliminate bulky hybrid wire/ fibre.

SHED adapter shown with HDX camera power unit cables. Use two small adapters — one at your base station and one at your camera — and locally power your camera, or use the HDX unit to power the camera through the hybrid tail cable. With the SHED units you can support several cameras on one lightweight fibre cable.

Allows the use of conventional single-mode fiber cable
Uses common SMPTE ST 304 connectors for a hybrid link
Extends manufacturer’s distance limits of the camera/CCU
Supports Sony cameras
Built-in optical power meter
Cameras Supported: Sony 1500/1500R/2500/4300