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Sony HDC-3500V 4K/HD Camera System

Expand your creative horizons to new resolutions with HDC-3500V’s pre-installed variable ND filter for smooth handling and precise shooting and simultaneous HDR and SDR production. HDC-3500V features 2/3-inch 4K 3-CMOS sensor with Global Shutter technology that eliminates the ‘jello effect’ and banding noise.

Seamless ND filter switching without any visible physical filters. This allows for smooth transitions between different lighting conditions without any disruption to the broadcast. Additionally, the system supports both high frame rate (HFR) and is switchable between deep/shallow depth of field, making it well-suited for sports applications where capturing fast-paced action and dramatic shots is essential. The variable ND filter is pre-installed, allowing for smooth exposure adjustments without affecting image quality.

Take complete control over your exposure settings with our camera system’s Virtual IRIS, enabling effortless adjustments to brightness between les IRIS/variable ND/master GAIN using a single joystick. Capture stunning visuals in any lighting condition with precise and seamless control, while taking advantage of the intuitiveness of our user-friendly interface.

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