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Ereca Camracer 8k

The Camracer is a complete optical fiber transmission solution for camera connections on Outside Broadcast, Studio and Cinema applications. It is composed of a camera-dockable transmitter, agnostic to any type or brand of Camera and a 1RU basestation receiver.

With four 12G-SDI channels, the Camracer 8K can fit any camera from simple ENG to 8K Live sport devices making it suitable for any environment and ideal for rentals.

Camracer 8K delivers 140 Watts to the camera. An automatic battery backup will help the remote powering system if more power is needed suddenly.

Signals control and Setup is done through internal web server. Most signals are also reported on LED display of each unit. An Oled display gives direct access to optical receiving levels and server IP address.

An internal audio mixer allows user to mix between talkback, programs inputs and local audio channels for Eng and Reporter headsets.

Camera control channel supports: Ethernet, RS422 Serial, Canon RC-V100 protocol (Enhanced Lanc).

Camera synchronization supports: Two composite video signals and one timecode.

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