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Ereca Stageracer 2

The Stage Racer 2 is a complete optical fiber transmission solution for every broadcast event ranging from simple OB interconnect to complex star, ring or linear topology spread over a whole TV compound. Remote production capacity also allows the exchange of content with distant locations.

The Stage Racer 2 is designed to accept all kinds of signals on the same device without external adapter.
Internally those signals can be grouped/routed/distributed to all other machines of the network.
Only 2 fibers connected directly on the unit are needed to get full transport capacity.

The Stage Racer 2 also offers processing capabilities with Frame buffering, Audio Embedding/Deembedding, Audio SRC and much more….

The Stage Racer 2 setup is provided with an easy to use web interface or with automation systems (VSM…)

Each unit is capable of transmitting a comprehensive set of signals as follows:

16 SD to 3G bidirectional ports (direction configurable)
8 SD to 12G bidirectional ports (direction configurable)
1 Distributed Genlock (Composite video / Black burst / Tri-level)
16 Bidirectional analog audio for intercom or programme
2 Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbs
2 Data RS 232/422/485
8 Contact closures
4 AES 3 bidirectional (intercom panel compatible)
1 Bidirectional MADI (AES10) Signal (Shared with 2 of the 4 AES connectors)
1 Built in Dante / AES67 audio port with 64 channels support.