Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm PL Lens
Offering a wide to telephoto zoom coverage, the Fujinon Cabrio ZK4.7x19 19-90mm T2.9 Lens with PL mount delivers 4K optical performance in a compact design. It also features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit with zoom rocker switch, making it suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-Style lens.
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Canon CJ15 ex 4.3B 4K Lens
The Canon CJ15ex4.3B 15X UHD 4K Portable Wide-Angle Zoom Lens with 2x Extender is a 15x zoom lens designed for mobile UHD 4K ENG-style production. It has a focal length range of 4.3 to 65mm, creating crisp sharp 4K images with excellent tonal reproduction for capturing fine detail. The built-in 2x extender increases the focal length of the zoom range from 8.3 to 130mm, allowing you to get a close shot of your subject while still keeping your distance. Compact and lightweight, the lens is similar in size to Canon's HD lenses but captures 4K resolution in the 2/3" format. It uses Canon's Air Sphere coating technology, which reduces ghosting and flaring and provides improved HDR imagery. The handgrip servo drive uses 16-bit encoders for extreme precision, and the three lens connectors allow you to interface with virtual systems for using lens data. The lens features servo-controlled zoom, focus, and iris, and the handgrip supports standard ENG functionality.
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Canon UJ27 4K Lens
6.5-180mm 4k UHD Digisuper 27 Broadcast Lens incorporating Fluorite and UD Glass. The Canon UJ27 Box Lens has resolving power beyond 4K for outstanding clarity. The outstanding image quality makes it suitable for both ENG field and studio use. Specifically Canon state that this lens has "high contrast and high resolution is maintained from the image centre to the edges and is consistent in all wavelength regions of the B, G and R channels as well as in the wide frequency bands from HDTV to 4K, and even beyond". The 27x optical zoom range covers 6.5-180mm which becomes 13-360mm using the built-in extender, and has brightness of 1.5 (6.5-123mm) and 2.2 (at 180mm).   The inclusion of Fluorite and UD glass and Canon's lens coating and anti-reflection inner design technologies give excellent control of ghosting and flare making it ideal for HDR applications including outdoor sports
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Canon CJ45 4K Lens
Establishing a new peak for 4K-lens performance, this ultra-high zoom model is packed with innovative, class-leading technology. A class-redefining 4K lens with advanced multigroup zoom system for improved super-telephoto performance and outstanding portability. The perfect and complete option for live sports and entertainment. Specialist 4K broadcast lens combining supreme optical performance with the versatility to excel in a variety of shooting scenarios The robust IS system provides class-leading vibration control, with advanced isolation technology helping to counter higher frequencies of 10 Hz and above. The new motorised mechanical IS lock release provides simpler operation, helpful in settings where tripods are used (and accessing the lock release can present difficulties).
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Fuji UA107 4K Lens
The UA107x8.4 covers the wide focal length from 8.4mm to 900mm in super telephoto and meets the needs for 4K HDR shooting in all scenes, such as relay broadcasting of sports and live broadcast of concerts. The UA107x8.4, which is equipped with the floating focus system that controls a plurality of lens groups in accordance with the shooting distance, enables shooting of high-resolution images across the entire zoom range. It also supports the production of videos with high image quality and highly realistic impression. Furthermore, as it is equipped with the company’s proprietary optical image stabilizer, the broadcast zoom lens corrects vibrations of images in the screen that result from unstable platforms.
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Canon CJ12 4K Lens
The CJ12ex4.3B is the first in Canon’s 2/3” 4K lens range. A lightweight portable wide-angle lens featuring a 12x zoom, its exceptionally short focal length is just 4.3mm at the wide end, enabling users to capture impressive wide-angle shots like car interiors. Focal length extends to 52mm with full zoom applied (104mm using the built-in 2x extender) to create even more shooting options and possibilities. Current HD lens users will find the CJ12ex4.3B integrates seamlessly with 2/3”4K broadcast cameras and setups while delivering consistently stunning performance in a wide range of ENG and studio environments.    
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Canon CJ20 4K Lens
Canon CJ20ex7.8 IASE S - 2/3-inch Portable ENG Zoom Lens for 4K Broadcast Cameras (p/n 1507C001AB). This lens offers a 20x zoom ratio and focal length range from 7.8mm to 156mm. It is suited well to news and sport applications, as well as documentary and serial drama use. and its high resolution makes it a suitable partner for 4K camera bodies. Careful lens positioning and precision assembly ensures quality 4K resolution from the centre to the periphery of the image, and the lens also includes a 2x extender which even when at full zoom will give sufficient resolution for 4K. The compactness of the lens also makes it suitable for shoulder-mount camera work.
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Canon UJ90 x9B UHD 4K Lens
The Canon UHD-DIGISUPER 90 (UJ90X9B) occupies a unique position in Canon’s 2/3” 4K lens range. It combines true 4K resolution with intelligent features that help you achieve superb results. As an outstandingly versatile 2/3” 4K broadcast field zoom lens, it includes a 90x zoom and 9-810mm focal length (up to 1620mm with the built in 2x extender).


  • A versatile, fully featured 4K lens
  • Shake-free 4K Premium images, even with image stabilisation
  • Impressive optical performance
  • Effortless to use
  • Easily step up from HD
  • Full support for virtual systems


  • Extender 2.0x
  • Focal Length 9-810mm. With extender 18-1620mm
  • Zoom ratio 90x
  • Maximum Relative Aperture 2.4 at 9-486mm. 4.0 at 810mm
  • With Extender 4.8 at 16.6-680 mm. 8.0 at 1620 mm
  • Minimum object distance  3.0 m
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Canon CJ24 4K Lens
Canon CJ24ex7.5B IASE S. A portable telephoto lens with a 24x zoom and a focal length of 7.5-180mm, this lens integrates beautifully with a UHD workflow and offers standard 4K performance with enhanced operability, perfect for on-the-shoulder newsgathering. The lens boasts standard 4K resolving power. Canon’s exclusive optical design allows for extraordinary levels of detail. Designed for documentary and newsgathering, the lens allows cameramen the flexibility to cover even the most demanding of situations. The lens features correction data based on BT.2020. This enables excellent colour reproduction to the corners of the screen when attached to a 4K camera. Kit comes as standard with: Focus Demand Zoom Demand Lens Cap 24x, 7.5-180mm telephoto zoom Built-in 2x extender f/1.8 maximum aperture Digital drive unit
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